No one knows the fate of this island, which is about to change greatly

LS’s story takes place on the Island of Ruri which is led by an unnamed Empire. Ruri island holds great power and wealth and is home to 2 types of soldiers: Mercenaries and Knights. There is a harsh separation between these 2 types. While Knights are at the high ranks of Ruri’s society, Mercenaries are treated like slaves, wandering in search for work.

Our main character Elza is our typical JRPG character who lost his family, admires the knights, and fights in a mercenary group in order to make a living.

One day, on an ordinary missions he unlocks a mysterious power called Gathering which allows him to use magic…

Later on in The Last Story, Elza meets Kanan, our female heroine. She whistles a song whose words she’s forgotten at the top of the Star Viewing Tower, a place said where the stars appear more beautiful, being very important to Kanan.

Not much is known about the story of LS, and neither about the connections between the main characters, however director Hironobu Sakaguchi detailed some of the other storylines in his 6th column post:

  • The fear of speaking your true feelings
  • The mystery of the father who went missing on boat
  • The difficulty a leader has in making decisions
  • The close accomplice who’s turned to evil
  • The foolish archaeologist’s prison break

There’s a strong barrier between Elza and Kanaan that “keeps the two apart” and “renders them unable to live their dreams together. “

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