Final Fantasy Versus XIII

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Logo for Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Logo for Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Final Fantasy Versus is a darker, more action based RPG developed by Square Enix exclusively for Playstation 3. It’s directed by highly acclaimed Final Fantasy character designer Tetsuya Nomura. Like the other games in the Fabula Nova Crystallis series there isn’t much known about this game at the time of writting. Square Enix wants to focus on Final Fantasy XIII, but each time a new trailer or scan shows up for this game all the fans are stunned by how cool it looks.

Final Fantasy Versus is “a fantasy based on reality”. It is much more darker than other FF games. It is set in the current modern day but still there will be some fantasy elements like magic included. When the story unfolds players will experience “human emotions to the highest degree ever seen from a Square Enix game” according to Square Enix.


Little is known about the story in Final Fantasy Versus XIII

The main character Noctis is a prince and the last heir of a dynasty in  an isolated kingdom which is much more advanced than the outside world.  He needs to protect the last crystal against invaders who’re trying to obtain the crystal for ages.

General Information

Platform: Playstation 3 (Blu-Ray disc)
Genre: Action-RPG
Release Date: TBD
Development started: 2005 (possible 2004)
Director and Character Designer: Tetsuya Nomura
(Character Designer: FFV-FFVIII, FFX,FNC, Kingdom Hearts series)
(Director: Kingdom Hearts, The world ends with you)
Producer: Shinji Hashimoto
Movie director: Takeshi Nozue (FFIX-X, FFVII Advent Children, Kingdom Hearts series, Dissidia: Final Fantasy)
Music Composer: Yoko Shimomura (Kingdom Hearts series, Legend of Mana)


Noctis Lucis Caelum
Noctis Lucis Caelum

The main character of Final Fantasy Versus XIII is Noctis, although friends may call him Noct. As seen in the trailers, he’s a very emotionless character but according to Nomura he’s also very shy and introvert to unknown people. His fighting style is very brutal and at least unique.  He has a lot of weapons at his disposal which he can summon anytime when he chooses to do so. Weapons will play a big role in Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and Noctis is even able to teleport himself somewhere by throwing one of his swords.

Stella Nox Fleuret

Stella Nox Fleuret

Stella is confirmed to be the antagonist of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. In a trailer released back in April 2009, Stella and Noctis are seen together having a lovely conversation, In another scene they’re shown in tears preparing to start a fight. It was confirmed that Stella became the antagonist because of unfortunate events in the past.

The following 3 characters have been seen in trailers, but nothing is known about them for the moment, even their names are unknown so I gave them nicknames which are often used on the internet.
??? "Shotgun guy"

??? "Shotgun guy"

??? "Scar-eyed guy"

??? "Scar-eyed guy"

??? "The Boss"

??? "The Boss"


This is the third trailer released for this game. Personally it’s the best trailer released so far, and for me it’s one of the most impressive trailers that I’ve ever seen in video gaming history! Although I will have to link you to Veoh to view this video, I can confirm that this is the best quality available for this trailer:

Watch FF13 Versus DKΣ3713 in Gaming |  View More Free Videos Online at

The next (fourth) trailer was released together with the FFXIII demo back in April 2009 and continous where the third trailer ended. This shows the conversation between Noctis and Stella with Japanese subtitles only. Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that this scene was created with the help of full body motion capture and is available in full HD on  Gamtrailers:

This is the translation from the conversation:

S:Lord Noctis… You can see the light…
S: Right?
S: Was that what you were looking at from downstairs?
N: … Pretty much. When did you start seeing it?
S: When I was a child.
N: A near death experience I presume?
S: Yes… you too?
N: It was pretty horrible…
S: The Goddess Etro shall open the gate welcoming the the souls of the dead.
S: When that occurs, a bright light shall shine down through the skies from the land of the dead.
S: That is the legend.
S: It’s a Tenebrae legend.
N: We’ve got the same legend here.
S: Did the light give you power?
N: No. I don’t need anything like that. I’m fine how I am.
S: I know, right?
S: No matter what kind of power it is, if it’s at the cost of somebody’s life…
S: It would give me nightmares.
N: Same. It’s a ridiculous bedtime story… You shouldn’t talk to other people about the light.
S: How come?
N: Being different from others can cause a lot of trouble…
N: Don’t you think?
S: But if it’s just a bedtime story, what do you think the light really is?
N: It’s just something that’s there.
N: Isn’t that good enough?
N: Um…
S: Stella.
N: Stella… I should be going.
S: Thank you for your time, Prince Noctis.
N: Just Noct is fine.
S: … I have to go too.
S: I feel like I’ve received something from the light tonight.
S: … I got a chance to speak with you.
N: Well now you’ll have nightmares.
S: You’re mean one aren’t you, Prince Noctis.
N: Noct.
S: I’ll call you that the next time we meet.
S: You should come to Tenebrae some time. I’ll show you around.
N: That sounds interesting. I’ll think about it.
?: Who are you?
N: … I was about to ask the same thing.

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