General Information

General Information

Final Fantasy Agito XIII is the third installement in the Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy XIII series. It was announced in 2006 for future mobile phones but later (in 2008) it was announced that it was in development only for Playstation Portable because mobile phones would be to weak to run the game. Not much is known about the game because not much information and trailers are released so far.


Director: Hajime Tabata (Crisis Core)
Producer: Kousei Itou (Before Crisis)
Character Designer: Tetsuya Nomura

(Character Designer: FFV-FFVIII, FFX,FNC, Kingdom Hearts series)
(Director: Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Kingdom Hearts, The world ends with you)


The game takes place in a world called Orience. This world is split up in 4 four different nations: Anaze, Rubrum, Kogai and Milites.  Each nation protects and worships  their own Crystal.  The 4 nations have a common peace treaty to ensure stability between the nations called Pax Codex. This treaty is said to bring peace between these nations for a long time, However the nation of Milites lead by a man named Cid violates the treaty. For an unknown reason the powerful L’cie army of Milites attacks the other nations and steals their crystal. The milites have already captured 2 of the 3 crystals when the last crystal Suzuku in Rubrum, guarded by students of the magic school Akademeia, shatters into thousands of pieces for an unknown reason. This leaves Rubrum with a lowered defence but, as seen at the end of the trailer below, the most powerful students called Agito’s stil have a plan called Operation Apostle to conquer the Milites.

Agito is a Latin word which means “to put into motion”

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