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GameInformer unveils Skyrim cover


We already knew The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was getting its real first-look in the February Issue of GameInformer and today we get our first look at the cover together with several details as to what to expect.


GameInformer will hit subscribers anytime now and contains an in-depth look at the world Skyrim that spans across 14 pages. We’ll get to read about the story, lore, gameplay and brand-new engine as well as drool over about 20 screenshots. 

The printed magazine seems to be a collector’s item for Elder Scrolls fans too, as the cover has an ultraviolet coating, giving it a 3D effect. Furthermore the back cover gives you a hint of Skyrim’s story, that is, if you can read it. The GameInformer website will help you solving the puzzle later today.

What’s that on the back cover? The strange language seen there offers the first hints of Skyrim’s story, along with a unique tie to the singing in the recent teaser trailer. What does it say? The answer lies in translating the stanzas into English. Check back later today to solve the puzzle.

Furthermore we’re pleased to announce that Elder Scrolls will be one of the many RPGs we’ll cover in 2011, alongside with Mass Effect 3, The Last Story, Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII!



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