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Lightnings a brunette in this FFXIII cosplay

Final Fantasy XIII was recently released in China. Square Enix held a re-launch party for the games release in Hong Kong to commemorate the games launch. Cosplayers hosted the gathering and series producer Yoshinori Kitase was also in attendance. A step up from signing copies of the game, Kitase autographed fans PS3‘s instead. (Take that Kojima-san!)

Final Fantasy XIII was released in China (exclusively on the PS3) on May 27 for 1,590 TWD (Taiwan dollars) ($50/€38) For further details on the release you can read our earlier report. You can see more photos from the event at our source link.

Source: Cosplay Photos From Hong Kong’s FFXIII Launch Party (Siliconera)


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Serah Farron makes her Play Arts debut

Final Fantasy XIII has been in the hands of eager fans for about two months now. While the title has proven popular, the figures based on the games main cast (released under Square Enix Play Arts Kai line) have also been successful.

While both initial sets have already been released, you may remember back to Toy Fair 2010 where SE revealed its prototype figure of Serah Farron.

While the figure was then uncolored and lacking joints, its final mold has been completed and its now ready for pre-order!

You can pre-order Serah over at Hobby Search for 4,200 Yen (about $45 USD). She is expected to be released in October of this year.

Source: Square Enix finally shows Final Fantasy XIII’s Serah Farron in color (Tomopop)

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Hajime Tabata Gives Agito a Progress Report

Its been quite a while since we had the official word on Final Fantasy Agito XIII, hasn’t it?

Contiunuing there series of developer interviews on the Square Enix Members Japanese Twitter account, SE has interviewed director Hajime Tabata on the games status.

From andriasang:

“Development is progressing well. The reaction was extremely positive when we showed the development version to the producers, management and marketing team in March. The whole staff is excited. We won’t be able to show it for a bit, but it’s looking like it will become an awesome game.”

It seems developement on Agito is going well. With E3 only two months away, it wouldn’t be surprising if SE chose the setting of the games initail reveal to give it a proper, full unveiling.

Stick with The 13th Crystal for all the news as it hits.

Source: FF Agito XIII and 3rd Bday Director Provides Status Updates (andriasang)

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Let’s talk about the ending…

Its safe to say Nick and I enjoyed playing through FFXIII. Maybe we didn’t love it. It probably won’t replace our favorite RPG’s, but its a good game and its one we enjoyed. It has its imperfections and we are not so blind as fans that we are unable to admit to them ( I’ve expressed a lot of my thoughts on twitter and Nick wrote his review of the Japanese release last year).

It’s funny; while Nick actually thought the story was perfect and the gameplay was the games weakest aspect, I thought the exact opposite. To me, while FFXIII’s story is enjoyable, its one that lacks exposition. Its one that very arbitrarily requires the player to read a bunch of Codex entries to really get a handle on the games world, characters, and the drama they all deal with before becoming L’Cie. Thats a real shame too, especially considering many non-FF fans believe we all prioritize pretty graphics all else. The truth however, is that the scenario, the plot is whats really important to most of us. Its what makes all that sexy CGI necessary to begin with.

Forgive me. I digress. This is not a review of Final Fantasy XIII from any perspective. The point I was trying to make earlier (and obviously lost sight of) is that FFXIII is a flawed game. A good flawed game, but flawed none the less. What is it that good flawed games deserve folks? Why sequels of course. Thats why I’m here writing this on a Sunday afternoon. I want to talk about FFXIII’s ending. How it made me feel and all the possibilities it sets up for the inevitable (in my opinion anyway) Final Fantasy XIII-2 (SPOILERS obviously)

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Square Enix: Why did you buy FFXIII on PS3/360?

If you’ve seen the sales data, then you know that PS3 copies of Final Fantasy XIII practically doubled 360 copies in units sold. Even worse, thats despite the fact that the 360 has nearly double the install base. Now SE wants to know why.

Using a survey over on Square Enix Members, the company is attempting to find out why you purchased FFXIII on the console you did. The quiz is actually pretty blatant, asking things like whether you prioritezed graphics or amount of discs when making your purchase. Taking it though nets you 30 SE members points. That alone might make it worth your time.

Source: Square Enix survey asks: Final Fantasy XIII on PS3 or 360 (Destructoid)

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Gran Pulse Groove Redux: Square-Enix announces FFXIII OST Plus

Final Fantasy XIII‘s OST is quickly becoming one of (if not the) most well-recieved in the series. After making a few additions/changes to the soundtrack for the games international release, Square-Enix is re-releasing the collection of music in Japan with the added background music as well as some new arrangements from composer, Masashi Hamauzu.

The re-release is titled simply “Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack Plus”. The package goes on sale May 26 for ¥2,500. It can be preordered at SE’s online shop.

Final Fantasy XIII’s soundtrack was composed by Masashi Hamauzu, mostly known for his contributions to the Final Fantasy X soundtrack and for composing the whole of Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus. This was unfortunately Hamauzu’s last project as an SE employee. He left the company shortly after FFXIII’s final release. The Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack was originally released on Janauary 27.

Source: Square-Enix Planning Additional Final Fantasy XIII Soundtrack (andriasang)

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FFXIII reviews round-up

Today the embargo for Final Fantasy XIII reviews lifted. Why roam around looking for them online when you could use a comprehensive list right here?

    Don’t thank us. Credits for the compilation go to VG247. Thanks guys!

    Can you believe it? There are four days until FFXIII’s final release. FOUR DAYS!!!

    We’re certainly excited and we hope you guys are too! Just remember to stick with the 13th Crystal for all the action as it happens. This isn’t just a release for FF fans. Its an event.

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