Name: Nick Vanheer
Rank: Administrator
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Location: Vlaams-Brabant (Flemish Brabant), Belgium
Favorite game(s): Final Fantasy X, Lost Odyssey, Baten Kaitos

About me: It might be strange to have a dog as an avatar, but that really expresses who I am. I’m like a dog: interested in everything, happy with everything, I like everyone, I’d die to save someone’s life. I’m a (hardcore) RPG gamer. Each 8 years or so there are about 2 games I desperately want. Games I’d love to pay a lot of money for. I try to fill up the years by buying (older) games that most people like, and I most of the time don’t. That’s me, kupo!

Name: Ronald Taylor
Rank: News Reporter
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Location: Los Angeles
Favorite game(s): Final Fantasy X

About me: I’m the second writer to work on The 13th Crystal and an aspiring games journalist to boot. I enjoy many types of games, but we’re all entitled to a favorite series and Final Fantasy is mine. That being said I like to describe myself as the “anti-fanboy”. I don’t mind calling the series on its missteps much the same way I enjoy praising it.

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