The Last Story Presentation (Updated)


The press conference is over. As we expected, Sakaguchi showed many different aspects of The Last Story. Ranging from a detailed (Japanse) explanation of the battle system, a look at clothes and character customization to the free camera during fast-forwardable cutscenes. Sakaguchi was joined by several important staff members, and even Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata made a surprise announcement to congratulate Sakaguchi and his team. The event ended with the reveal of the game’s themesong, sung by Japanese singer Kanon.

Missed this event? No problem, as you can rewatch it on Ustream in decent quality. Furthermore the Japanese website got a big update giving a look at Ruri city, the battle system in motion and other gameplay elements. So far no further information about an European/North American release has been mentioned, although Mistwalker promised (rather, tweeted) they would reveal more about this closer to the Japanese launch date.  The site also contains several new (hidden) tracks composed by Uematsu.

Special thanks to Shurelia38 and Artemis_jp_ for the heads up about the recorded stream on Ustream!head

Original Post

Other than 2 trailers we haven’t seen a lot of The Last Story in action. Nintendo has decided to stream an online event for The Last Story fans. Broadcasted live over Ustream, Director Hironobu Sakaguchi will introduce his Wii RPG and its battle system. We also expect to see a huge amount of online play, and the recently announced weapon upgrade system. Nintendo has high hopes on The Last Story seeing how the game is one month away from release and already starting to get a big promotional campaign, including a commercial to promote this upcoming event.


This presentation is called “Seeking A New RPG” and will be streamed live on the Nintendo homepage and Ustream on the 27th of December, at 2pm Japanese time. Oh, and Sakaguchi revealed on Twitter that the development of LS has been completed.  Now the development staff has time enough to read the happy tweets!

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