Noctis voice to be revealed at Square’s 1st Production Department Premier


In the latest issue of Dengeki, Nomura unveiled some new details on the “Square Enix 1st Production Department Premier”, an event focussing on all Square Enix titles in their 1st production department group.

Nomura says that this event is kind of like a premium video event for their fans. We’ll be hearing Noctis voice for the first time ever and we’ll see a lot of new footage of Versus. The footage won’t be completely up-to-date, as the footage dates from before the game got a significant graphical boost.

This event was known as the Fabula Nova Crystallis but shifted name and date recently. It was delayed to the 18th of January, one week later than the original event was planned. It seems Square got word on their numerous leaks in Jump and Famitsu/Dengeki because the delay is due to the magazine publishing schedules, according to Nomura.

Besides Versus XIII, the PDP event will also feature new video content of Final Fantasy Agito XIII,Kingdom Hearts 3DS, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep: Final Mix, Final Fantasy Dissidia Duodecim and others. Square Enix has also hinted at several new titles to be revealed at this event.

Finally, the official website for this PDP event got an update revealing that Square Enix will stream contents of this conference on niconico, a popular Japanese video website similar to YouTube.

Official WebsiteSource (Scrawlfx) – Images are Versus/Agito posters shown at Jump Festa. Notice the official spelling for Peristylium, unlike Perishtilium used in many translations.


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