The Last Story: Details about Kanan and Character Round Up


We’ve seen Kanan, Last Story’s heroine for a long time now without really knowing much about her background. This changed earlier this week when Jump revealed the first details about her. She is, as expected from a look at her clothing, from noble origin. Kanan is, like Elza, an orphan. She’s a daughter in the Arganon family, the family who rules Ruri island, living in Ruri castle and dreaming of leaving and exploring the world outside this castle. As she is under close supervision of her uncle, Count Arganon, this dream will remain a dream forever… isn’t it? We’re pretty sure Elza will come into play there. Remember the romantic tête-à-tête with Elza at the Star Gazing Tower? Just to recap, count Arganon gives employment to the young mercenaries Elza, Quark, Seiren, Yuris, Jackal and Manamia. Perhaps this will lead to their “fated meeting”, Jump  hints.


You can view artwork and hear voice samples of all announced characters in The Last Story on its official website (Japanese)

Besides the reveal of Kanan, Jump also revealed a fairly straightforward weapon upgrading system. You can bring your weapons to a weapon upgrade shop were you can upgrade your weapons with new skills, properties and even completely new looks. You will also find identify shops in town, allowing you to identify an unknown weapon you’ve found during your adventures. The currency (gil?) or loot (vibrant ooze?) for weapon upgrades/identifying are unknown at the moment, although we suspect screenshots and more information on this system will be revealed soon. 

As we highly suspect that with the background info on Kanan, we have information on all major characters of The Last Story, we think this is a good place to recap all of the information we know, courtesy of Andriasang/Wikipedia:




The main character. He lost all his family as a youth and became a Mercenary, wandering the land and fighting. He dreams of becoming a Knight. Upon visiting Ruli Island, some strange occurrence happens to him while on his first mission (this is where he gets his "Gathering" ability).



Jackal is a mage who has the ability to control ice. While he behaves in a flirtatious and easy-going manner, he’s actually a thinker and cares for his allies. In battle, he’s an all rounder who can use both magic and swords.


Manamia is capable of using recovery magic. She has a philosophical way of speaking and gentle, motherly atmosphere, traits whose origins appear to lie in the secrets surrounding her birth and upbringing. She’s a big eater.


Leader of Elza’s mercenary group. He and Elza met in their youth and are like brothers. He has great trust from his fellow mercenaries.


The "mood maker" of Elza’s mercenary group, Seiren makes use of dual swords. She’s a heavy drinker and has a foul mouth, but she’s kind and considerate of her friends.


He’s the youngest of the mercenaries, but has great capabilities in battle where he makes use of flame magic. He doesn’t talk much and is unsociable. He lost his father in his youth, and then his mother too.


The current head of the Arganon family which rules over Ruli Island. He’s the most powerful person on the island and is both resourceful and ambitious. He gives employment to Elza and his mercenary crew


Trista was once the highest ranking officer in the imperial army and was the embodiment of the ideals of chivalry. Through his first hand experience with the tragedy of war, he quickly came to understand the relation between war and the devastation of the land.


The Last Story will be releasing on January 27 in Japan and with only co-op, weapon upgrades, real-time combat and a formidable cast in an intriguing story, things are looking good for The Last Story. Be sure to stay with us for the latest information about this upcoming RPG developed by Mistwalker/AQ Interactive and directed by Final Fantasy creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi.

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