The Last Story Website Refresh: Special Edition, Nobuo Uematsu and Game Details


Today the The Last Story site got a very big update, similar to Final Fantasy XIII, summarizing everything we saw in earlier Famitsu scans, including 2 new characters.

They however announced some new things, the most important one being the Collector’s Edition of the game. The edition is dubbed as “Special Pack” and includes a Wii console, a Classic controller and of course the game itself. This Special Pack’s packaging shows all main characters, weapons, the tiger, Seiren’s bird and a mysterious dragon-like creature.  This bundle seems to be a must-have for RPG fans who don’t yet have a Wii console and we can’t wait to hear if we’ll get the same special treatment.


There also have been some perks announced for early buyers, as the first print of the game will have a special box art and will include an “ELEMENTS OF THE LAST STORY” bonus item, containing a mini-OST and an artbook all wrapped together in a nice case with gorgeous artwork by Kimihiko Fujisaka . It’s unknown, although probable, if the Special Wii bundle will also contain these items. Sure, it has to be, as everyone wants to get their hands on the soundtrack after the surprising announcement that Nobuo Uematsu will be composing all of The Last Story’s music.

Yes, you read that right, legendary video game composer Nobuo Uematsu, a good friend of Hirobu Sakaguchi will be composing the entire soundtrack of The Last Story. Nobuo Uematsu is best known for his Final Fantasy (FFI – X, FFXIV) soundtracks and some of his recent works include arrangements for the Distant Worlds II concerts, Lord Of Arcana, and MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. He earlier composed the soundtracks of highly acclaimed Mistwalker titles like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon.  You can hear some of his works on the Last Story site, although we’ve zipped all of the 4 preview tracks, of which 2 are new, in one handy download


Knowing all of this it’s time to head over to the Japanese The Last Story site and see these things for yourself! You’ll find that the site got a big update and is a lot easier to use now thanks to a heavier usage of Flash. Make sure to check the Characters section, which is the third tab, to view all the currently announced characters. Some of these you know very well, others might be new to you, as they only briefly appeared in trailers or in magazine scans (that weren’t even leaked in the first place.) From left to right you’ll see Elza, Kanan, Quark, Seiren, Yuuris, Jackall, Manamia and 2 newcomers, Count Arganan and Commander Trista.

So far, 2 box arts have been released, we assume that the left one will be included in the Special Wii bundle, while the right one will be the regular box art. You can view the below.


The Last Story will be releasing early next year, January 27 and is Hironobu Sakaguchi (FF Series) his next big RPG after Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon.   Be sure to check back regularly for the latest news and updates on this blockbuster Wii RPG!

Source: Siliconera and various others.

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