Last Story’s Online and Customization Features Revealed

The latest issue of V-Jump covered The Last Story last week and while unfortunately no scans are available, it has been revealed that The Last Story will feature online play.

Not much has been revealed on this feature yet, but apparently players can log into the “Raid Lobby” mode where they can battle with their favorite character in 6 player co-op facing off against each other or powerful bosses/enemies from the game. Furthermore Jump also talked about the customization features of LS allowing players to dress up your characters’ clothing, weapons and other items in a similar way to Resonance Of Fate (End of Eternity, JP).

At last, Jump also revealed a new character, general Trista, an ex-knight who was once the highest ranking officer in the imperial army of Ruri Island. It’s unknown whether Trista is a playable character like Elza or an important… antagonist?

Jump had several screenshots of the online mode, as well as the item customization features. At the moment, no scans are available although we fully expect more details and scans in Famitsu next week. Last Story will hit Japanese store shelves on January 27, 2011 with information regarding an English localization happening some time before this date.

With the release of Last Story in Japan, Mass Effect 2 on PS3 in North America and the Fabula Nova Crystallis conference, January’s sure to be become an exciting month for RPG fans! 

Source: Andriasang and various other Dutch/French sites

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