Wanted: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Planners


While rumored the development of Versus XIII started 2005, and even after the FFXIII team joined forces, Square Enix is still looking for people to expand their Final Fantasy Versus XIII development team. Revealed today on their Japanese Jobs site, Square Enix is looking for battle planners and level design planners for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which makes us wonder how far along the development really is.

Interested and living near Shinjuku? Head over here (Japanese) and try to break into the game industry (and make sure to take your camera along for us)!

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is an upcoming Action RPG developed by Square Enix which went though a harsh development process as the team was involved in numerous other projects. Square Enix is set to reveal more information on both Versus and Agito at their Fabula Nova Crystallis conference early next year.


Final Fantasy Versus is described as a “3D Action RPG”. Battle planners require experience with PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360

  1. #1 by felix on 18/10/2010 - 22:06

    Hey now i understand the expression of Noctis face …He is thinking “im sitting here for five long years…i will never go out, Fuck you Square enix”…

    • #2 by Nick on 18/10/2010 - 22:14

      Haha, true, I approve.

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