Square Enix releases Fabula Nova Crystallis TGS trailer


Update: Gametrailers provides us with a gorgeous HD version of this trailer, and both Tabata and Nomura commented, using the 3rd Birthday’s Twitter on the release of this trailer as well:

"The opening is a pre-rendered scene of Noctis running in realtime hardware. It’s possible to move around on foot but most people will choose going by car. Also Noct’s speed in the battle against Behemoth was slow but you can control the pace of the battle which wasn’t on the preview"  


The main characters’ actions, Golem and Ifrit coming down to the battle field, smashing enemy soldiers with blizzard. The details are a secret, but they’re all important elements for Agito. The area where the Chocobo is running is the world map."



Today Square Enix released the Versus XIII/Agito XIII TGS clips in high quality for Japanese Square Enix Members.  The footage quickly made its way to YouTube, similar to the earlier leaked footage, so you can see and enjoy it below.

The trailer also emphasizes the Fabula Nova Crystallis conference on 11.01.2011. While not officially confirmed, we believe that this event is intended for global press across Japan, North America and Europe and will feature a multitude of other Square Enix titles besides Final Fantasy Agito XIII/Versus XIII. As always, we will be covering this event with all of our Final Fantasy power.


Useful links:

Official Final Fantasy Versus XIII site (Not updated since January 9, 2009)

Official Final Fantasy Agito XIII site (Not updated since January 9, 2009)

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