Even more Final Fantasy Versus XIII details


Most sites seem to forget that Twitter is the most useful source of information on Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Earlier this week, Nomura went Twitter all over again and posted some new information about Versus XIII. We apologize for the delay of this little information breakout, in Versus’ terms, but better late than never

Even with a new and easier interface, Twitter remained its 140 character count and thus, the information Nomura provided isn’t that detailed, though I’m sure that it was done on purpose. Nevertheless, there are plenty of new; albeit confusing, things to be learned.

"Yesterday, we had meetings about three sections — maps, events and battles. For the map section, I checked the problem areas that had been fixed. The staff had gone beyond the requests and and filled them with playful elements. I put in orders for additional areas as well."

Nomura details some of the things impressing him on Versus overworld map:

        • The look of a forest that you can see once you’ve cleared a narrow mountain path.
        • Things that are required when leaving the city by moving on the roofs of buildings.
        • The positioning of the bookshelves in shops
        • How flags are standing
        • How the sea is handled on the world map
        • The roads you can see from the air ship
        • The length of bridges
    Furthermore he also teases us with some information on cutscenes, warning that he can’t reveal too much without revealing spoilers:
  • The look on a character during a short cut in a scene where he or she is leaving.
  • Explanation of a fathers feelings during a conversation scene.
  • The areas that they want to have connected seamlessly, and the areas that they want to connect via cuts.
  • Explanations about the heroines movements.

At last he shared a brief tweet on Versus’ battle system, hinting that it will be quite different from other Final Fantasy games:

"We’re doing lots of trial and error on this. When you say Final Fantasy, you think of enemy damage figures flying out and showing player HP. What will we do with these in the action-heavy Versus?"

Similar to what Nomura said earlier last year, he once again confirms that the team is developing Versus and paying close attention to the details. He also reveals that they’re considering to open a Twitter account for Versus XIII/Agito XIII

All by all, this was pretty exciting information, and it could get even better with the official release of the Versus/Agito Tokyo Game Show footage on their official sites later…. today? We’ll find out soon, and we’re more than ready to report you everything on Final Fantasy Versus and Agito XIII while we look forward to the Fabula Nova Crystallis conference in January, 2011!

Thanks to Andriasang for the (once again) great and fast translations!

  1. #1 by ffsuperfan ( Fang ) on 02/10/2010 - 15:35

    Nomura, you made me wanted to play VS 13 right now.

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