Versus XIII/Agito XIII Trailer Report (Updated)


The  Gamespot Otaku saw the combined Versus/Agito trailer and wrote down their detailed impressions. The trailer shown at TGS isn’t available yet and contains only a little amount of new footage. The trailer, however, reveals that their will be a special Fabula Nova Crystallis press conference on January 11, 2011 which will feature all Fabula Nova Crystallis games (Fabula Nova Crystallis will consist of more than 3 games, so the announcement of the fourth title seems likely to happen on that day)

This weekend TGS will be open for everyone and therefore there’s a higher chance the short trailer might get leaked (considering the booth isn’t as heavily guarded as Jump Festa 2010 🙂

Final Fantasy Agito XIII – PlayStation Portable – Online Action RPG

It does appear that the cast in the game are a bunch of students, as we saw a young girl school girl in a noticeably short skirt wielding a giant hammer. The gameplay appears to be action oriented, with a targeting system similar to Crisis Core. Even if we could understand Japanese, the trailer was over so fast that all we could make out was that there will be some giant mechanical foes as well as chocobos to ride on.At the end of the series of painfully short trailers, which included images for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Square Enix revealed that a Fabula Nova Crystallis conference will be held January 11, 2011, so we can assume all the information is being saved until then.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII – Playstation 3 – Action RPG

The Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer was part of a series of incredibly brief trailers that showed images from Final Fantasy XIII as well as Final Fantasy Agito XIII. We saw the main character, a young man with short black hair wander through several completely deserted areas. First it was a barren landscape, then it switched to a deteriorated roadway, and eventually we see him in the city, where it was just him fighting a giant behemoth. The quick fight scene showed him jumping and slashing furiously at the beast. Any hint of color or life in the trailer was limited to the spurts of red blood, coming from the behemoth, which stood out against the mostly dark and grey environment. There was nothing else on screen that would give us any clues as to how this game is set up other than it looks to be a 3D action game.

* Header image by Semokan from DeviantArt *

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