“We can’t get enough of Lightning.” September 8 RPG Roundup

Lots of RPG stuff happened this week, let’s get to it.



Final Fantasy XIII goes “International” to Xbox 360 in Japan. Expected (wanted?)  for a long time, Square Enix officially announced an Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII at the Xbox 360 Media Briefing in Japan this morning.

The International version, called “Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International” will contain English voiceovers, the English themesong and an easy mode. FFXIII UHI will also contain a limited “Corridor’s of Memory” booklet which includes an artbook, an all new story revealing what happened after the game and exclusive unused event scenes and dialogues. FFXIII UHI will be available on December 16 in Japan.

Official SiteRead More (Andriasang)

12 We can’t get enough of Lightning. Lightning will be featured in 2 other big Square Enix titles. Besides a The 3rd Birthday costume for Aya,  you will also be able to play as Lightning in Final Fantasy Dissidia 2 which was announced in the latest issue of Shonen Jump.

The sequel to the very popular Dissidia PSP title will be dubbed as “Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy” (believe me; FFXIV has far worse tongue twisters.) and will be releasing in 2011 in Japan

Official Site (TBA) – Read More (Andriasang)


Nomura tweeted again. Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura posted something rather strange on Twitter earlier today:

“Multiplatform is when you start development on a game with the assumption of optimizing for multiple platforms, Porting is something that’s done after you’ve developed a game specifically for a particular platforms. The debate over porting is decided by the management based off the current market and the costs. All I can say right now as a developer is that Versus is being developed specifically for the PlayStation 3.”

Very subtle, indeed.

Fabula Nova CrystallisOfficial Site (Versus)Official Site (Agito)

jkj Tales of Graces F gets a release date. The enchanced port of the popular Wii RPG, will be releasing on December 2, 2010 in Japan with a demo coming later this month on the Japanese PlayStation Network.

Tales of Graces marked the first entry of the popular Tales Of series on the Nintendo Wii. (excluding Tales of Symphonia 2) when it released earlier this year, the game received a 36/40 score from Famitsu and was very popular, selling over 100,000 copies on day 1. Tales of Graces F will have updated HD graphics and additional  content.

Official SiteRead More (Scrawlfx)

Trivia (The smaller bits)

Level-5 shows us some new Ninokuni scans

– Yoshinori Kitase thinks motion control is ‘”awkward” for RPGs.

– Some new screenshots from Shining Hearts (PSP)

– 2 more characters for The Last Story where revealed in Jump. Jackal and Manamia both are magic users and were seen in the first trailer and other screenshots.

That’s it for now, September sure will be busy, starting with Tokyo Game Show next week. Scrawlfx has done a pretty good job at what we should expect, so make sure to give it a read! Stay tuned, Versus and Agito are right around the corner!

*Did I miss anything RPG? Let me know!* 

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    i still want more Light….

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