Twitter updates on FF Versus/Agito XIII (Updated 24/24)


Update (08/31/2010): We get even more Twitter teasing:

By the way, the Agito PV is very short but it looks really good. Please see it by all means possible! Get a glimpse of Agito’s battlefield settings. @Tabata

As for Agito event-scene, the real-time part is already considerably done. Moreover, the great attention and level of impressiveness to what we’ve already shown, the developers were like “The expression at which Agito aims is impossible on the PSP” To everyone’s happiness it’s coming on the PSP. @Tabata

After 3rd is completed we’ll shift things up a bit and 3rd team will join us to complete Agito. So time and wait are still necessary. There’s an unpublished title in front of Agito that Tetsu talks about so much. Wait for information and announcement in a while! @Tabata

As for both Agito and 3rd, Visual Works (VW) produces the High-End CG part. Each title footage and demonstrations are shown in monitors and everywhere. When I go to the VW Studio floor I just want to stay there and enjoy the moment, it’s a treasurable space. @Tabata

On that note, Versus. That scene in the PV. I think it will make you shake. @Tabata

Update (08/26/2010): Tetsuya Nomura shared some more details on Final Fantasy Versus/Agito XIII and their TGS “trailer”

Well, we’re in the midst of our domestic event and doing TGS preparations now. I was in the edit studio yesterday. All PVs have not yet been completed and are in edit stages as of now. Details will come next month even though there’re alot of questions regarding TGS. @Nomura

Basically, there will be specific revelations for Public View. The length of information disclosure will be different in each magazine and media. The following titles to open to the public are Re: Coded and 3rd. And little information about FABULA, on a short trailer Versus and Agito put together at this time. @Nomura

The scale of the trailers are short though, there will be a space to show off FABULA and the trailers will be about 1 minute long. We will show footage of those 3 screenshots we release sometime ago at E3 time and move on to new realtime footage of Versus. @Nomura

The footage alone is new to the public, doesn’t have the command menus, which were removed. On the other hand, Agito footage is like a brand new debut of a more product-like version. Sorry for not being able to show little and nothing more, that’s because the release date for both titles are still undecided. @Nomura

Thanks to Oji from!

Original post:

An increasing amount of video game directors, like Fumito Ueda (The Last Guardian) are beginning to use Twitter. We would love seeing Tetsuya Nomura on there too but he recently said no to his own Twitter account. Instead he uses the promotional account for PSP Third-Person Shooter The 3rd Birthday to update us on his projects, and yes, that includes Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII. Yesterday Twitter got really excited when he revealed more about Versus’s worldmap and voice casting, quoted from NovaCrystallis translations:

“Versus has had many difficulties, and past methods of production have been completely inapplicable, but these are the difficulties of birth, so we are working hard. We have a lot to announce, but because we’re going in order, I can’t say too much yet. There have been many questions regarding fields. It’s not a completely open world. It’s like the 2D FF games in HD.”

“That is to say, in terms of looks, it’s not a top-down view, it’s like the screenshots that have been released. You’ll move through the world from that view. Agito and Versus have different production styles and progress states, but they’re both presently undergoing voice casting. 3rd’s recording will end shortly. Next up is Agito.”

And it doesn’t look like we’ll see Versus XIII or Agito XIII before Tokyo Game Show next month:

“..President [In comment to Wada’s own postings]. I have several unannounced titles being worked on. These will release before Agito and Versus. Some have their voice work completed already. They will be announced in Japan. Just like E3 [2010], Agito and Versus will not be at GamesCom. The 3rd Birthday and Kingdom Hearts will be there.”

This news might come as a shock to people who thought these games were already in an advanced stage of development. Considering how Final Fantasy XIII’s voice acting took over a year to record and motion capture, it doesn’t look like Versus is near anytime soon. Nevertheless we’ll get some new footage at TGS next month (September 16th to 19th), along with the other projects Nomura mentioned, perhaps? Tokyo Game Show is promising to be huge, with Nintendo 3DS announcements, the last bits of FFXIV information and a possible Final Fantasy XV announcement so stay tuned on The 13th Crystal and follow both the 3rd Birthday and us on Twitter!

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