New Last Story Characters Revealed


Earlier this month we got an impressive look at the Last Story when a trailer hit the net showing weird cutscenes, characters and battles which left many people wondering what was going on. Today, Shonen Jump tries to clarify the trailer a little by releasing details about those characters. All of them are part of the same mercenary group as Elza and seen earlier in the previous trailer. Names and information are quoted from GamerFeed, keep in mind everything could be slightly different due to translation quirks (Jihl, remember?)


Leader of the mercenary group. He met Elza at a young age and is like a big brother to him.



Mood maker of the mercenary group. She’s foulmouthed, but she cares about her comrades deeply and is kind to them.






Despite being the youngest member of the mercenaries, he has unparalleled skill in battle. He’s also a magic user.







The Last Story’s out later this year in Japan with more information on a North American/European release to follow Q4 2010. More scans might follow but for now you can view the complete scan on

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