July 21, a day full of news…

July 21, on such a hot summer day there ought to be some news, oughtn’t there?

Let’s start with the big shocker, Final Fantasy XIII looks like it’s heading to Xbox 360 in Japan. Earlier today an achievement list appeared on the Japanese Xbox 360 site which seems to suggests this. Looking at the popularity of the Xbox 360 version in the West, this seems like an agreeable decision. Is a new CEO of Square Enix North America worth the same?


Second, if you’ve been following me, Masashi Hamauzu himself or  rinimt on Twitter, you’ve surely catched the buzz about FFXIII’s Piano Collection, releasing today in Japan. You can buy it from sites like Play-Asia or Yes-Asia or you can buy a digital version of this album on iTunes for a mere €9.50/$9.90. Similar to other Piano Collections a sheet music book will be available at a later date, August 20 to be precise.  Masashi Hamauzu’s created a special Piano Collections site with some pictures and a promotional movie.


Next up Square Enix announced a new Final Fantasy title exclusive to Japanese mobile phones. The game is called Final Fantasy Legends: "Warriors of Light and Darkness" (translation). It is a classical 2D Final Fantasy title. Square Enix opened a teaser site showing logo and prelude but Famitsu got some screenshots to give our eyes some treats too. The game is developed by the FFIV: The After Years team and remains Japan only at the moment.

There’s also some good news for those who live outside Japan because Square Enix today announced a remake of highly acclaimed Super Nintendo title Tactics Ogre. The game will get small gameplay/graphics touch ups and is being developed by the original staff. The game will be released on PSP  once it’s ready…

Are we ready and done? Certainly not, more announcements will follow, if we can believe Sonia Im from Square Enix:


  1. #1 by sringangel on 22/07/2010 - 02:25

    I wish they would give a thought about remaking Threads of Fate. :/
    PC XIII is a good news!

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