Square Enix announces Monster Hunter-style RPG


Update: The English website went live: http://lordofarcana.com/ 

Monster hunting games are quickly becoming one of Japan’s most beloved gaming genres thanks to Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise. Square Enix is also going to jump on this bandwagon by putting Takamasa Shiba (Drakengard, Valkyrie Profile) in charge to create Lord of Arcana, a PSP game similar to Monster Hunter, which got its first reveal in Famitsu.

The game takes place in a fantasy world called ‘”Horodean’” which is protected by the power of Arcana (hence the title). You play the role of a Slayer who accepts monster hunting quests from various guilds. Using a variety of weapons you’ll take the evil creatures out and similar to Monster Hunter you can upgrade your weapons and other equipment afterwards.

Lords of Arcana, which bears no resemblance to Square Enix arcade game Lord of Vermillion, will allow up to 4 players to hunt some creatures and have some fun over LAN.  The game will be released somewhere in 2010, with a free demo scheduled in August on PSN . 

Below you can view the first scans and be sure to check back when higher quality ones are available. Thanks to terrAven for the heads-up! (Sources: 1up and jeuxactu)

322570  324990

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