New Versus and Agito details and scans (updated 2x)

Final Fantasy Versus XIII still lives and is in development somewhere in a crammed development studio in Square Enix’s bootcamp in Shibuya. After 14 months of waiting many people were eagerly awaiting Versus at E3 2010. Unfortunately those people were disappointed but in a surprising move Square Enix decided to send a new batch of screenshots and information to Japan’s largest gaming magazines: Famitsu and Dengeki.

At the time of writing no scans are available yet but they will be added to this post as soon as they are available. In the meantime you can catch up with some new Versus XIII information thanks to Andriasang:

– Final Fantasy Versus XIII will appear at TGS 10
– You can go anywhere on world map (excluding the mountain because it is an open field)
– Battles are completely seamless
– The town in trailers is modeled after the Shinjuku city
– Versus will be huge
– Destructible environments
– Cloud movement are done by physical calculations
– No loading (only when changing from big area to other big area)
– People couldn’t believe when they saw the destruction of a road in realtime
– Staff motivation is up high and they’re happy 
– Nomura: Even though the quality is high we aim for more detailed graphics
– Big revelations and the world unveiling of the game at TGS
– The Versus screenshots show a fight with a weaponized Behemoth in a city
– All the screenshots in the interview are captured from the game running in real time.
– Visual quality will still improve. Screenshots aren’t final.

Furthermore the scans also reveal some more information regarding Agito XIII

– FF Agito XIII will be “the best looking PSP title ever”
– There will be chocobo’s and airships
– Development is progressing well. – Visual quality will still improve. Screenshots aren’t final.

Update: HQ scans and more information added.

Andriasang also provided us with a little bit of new information on Final Fantasy Agito XIII from the latest Dengeki:

– Development is progressing well, although the 3rd Birthday takes priority
– Final Fantasy Agito will have a harsh portrayal of a war story. Tabata says that Agito is a Final Fantasy game with an image that differs from the one fans have.
– Kitase gives an example:
"There are parts where you see a soldier burned and falling over after being struck by fire. Initially, I warned them to not go too far in their expressions, but now I’m telling them to do whatever they want."
– While it has been said back in 2006, Tabata confirms again that Final Fantasy Agito XIII will have multiplayer elements.

And at last, enjoy these HQ scans showing gameplay screenshots of Final Fantasy Versus XIII for the first time ever.You can read the full translated interview at our source 



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