Ron’s E3 Expectations

This is definitely going to be the biggest E3 I have ever experienced. The show is notorious for breaking hearts, but this year just seems like  dreams are going to come true like never before.

Out of all three of your T13C editors, I probably have the hardest time missing out on E3 because, well, I’m more than a US resident. I live in LA. Most people have to book multiple flights and make hotel reservations to attend the show. All I would have to do is drive there.

This is the first year I’ve really tackled this whole blogger thing and I’m starting to make contacts. This year not actually going to the show hurts more than it ever has before. Not just because its like, the biggest show in years, but because I’m missing out on meeting up with some of the personalities in this industry that I look up to most.

This is an emotion I’d like to prevent from becoming annual. I’m definitely making it a goal to get there next year.

With the sob stories out of the way, here’s what I expect from E3 this year. Its gonna be a blast!

Ron (@RonTaylorRTX)

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

There are few series that get the adrenaline pumping through you like MvC. After ten years Capcom and Marvel are finally giving the series another go. Some of my best gaming memories are from playing MvC2 so this has been on list since the initial announcement.


I love Shinji Mikami. He created not only the Resident Evil franchise, but basically the genre we now know as the third person shooter. As the director of Resident Evil 4, he introduced the now all to common behind the back camera angle while also revitalizing his own series. Now hes taking the genre he gave birth to back with PlatinumGames’ Vanquish. A futuristic TPS that looks a combination of Bayonetta, Gears of War and God Hand (all good things).

Enslaved: Odyssey To The West

One of the primary things I look for from the action-adventur/RPG genre is a strong story. I’m a gamer who loves to be captivated. I want to feel as though I’m not just playing a game, but fighting to save a world different (or even indifferent from our own, but endeering enough to me that I feel like its one saving. I want characters with quirks flaws, and motivations (personalities) that make me both love and hate them. Enslaved looks to promise all that and the exciting thrillride adventure gameplay that I’ve loved for years. More than a most wanted. A definite buy.

Fallout: New Vegas

Its no secret that Fallout 3 was a mammoth sucess. The game is still bought played and talked about even now in the months leading up to New Vegas’ release. As the staffs California resident, and someone has been to Las Vegas on many an occasion, I can’t wait to see Obsidians take on the post-apocalyptic city of lights.

Yakuza 4

I skipped out on Yakuza 3 (since Sega skipped on hostess clubs in the western version), but now that the fourth chapter is confirmed for the US/EU with features in tact, I’m ready to dig into Sega’s action-RPG brawler.

Everything Else

First and foremost, I just can’t shake this feeling that Versus will be there as a surprise. The time seems right. It was the same when they finally showed XIII. It had been too long then, and its been too long now.

I’m almost certain Metal Gear Solid: Rising will be at the show, taking in consideration the box art leaked and Kojima Productions very obvious teaser site for this years E3. Seeing as how I absolutely loved MGS4, I couldn’t be more excited for that.

I’m interested to see a bit more of Devils Third, though I’m not very confident in that since Itagaki himself claims its only 5-10% done.

While we’re on the subject of Itagaki, his old franchise Dead or Alive is expected to given a new entry with this years show. I actually think without him the games will get better. Its a rumor so we’ll see where that goes.

I hope to god the rmors about a sequel to Dragon Age: Oringins are true since thats one of the top games I’ve played tis generation (Yes. It is better than FFXIII).

Also interested in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Space 2. They just fit my general interests as a gamer.

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