BurstDragon’s E3 Expectation

There are a lot of interesting games to be shown at E3 but, I’m always more interested in RPGs especially the ones coming from Japan and I really don’t trust the E3 Games List because the developers always like to give surprises like Final Fantasy XIV was last year.

Square Enix

Final Fantasy
Square Enix’s E3 list doesn’t mention either Versus or Agito XIII, but we could expect them to show some new trailers for these games along with a more detailed development report. Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII, was patented by Square by wasn’t announced not surprising considering Chrono Break went through the same.

Final Fantasy V and VI were said to have some technical difficulty on the DS, so could this be a remake like III and IV, if it is then I really hope the games also come to the PSP the DS version really have limitation when it comes to cutscenes and voice acting due to the game cards storage space, it could also possible the game is getting a Chrono Trigger like port.

Final Fantasy XIV could get a release date who knows it would also be headed for the 360 just like FFXI and I really wish they do not announce that Final Fantasy XV is already in development they should really give the franchise some rest even if it is in development they should try going back to some European settings or even the tropical setting of FFX not everyone could handle futuristic overdose and should be a bit more open-ended not that I hate linear games but a bit of exploration couldn’t hurt.

Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded didn’t come as a surprise to me considering it is a very important game because the story really links with all the other KH games so an English version was really expected perhaps they will release it alongside with BbS, there were 3 KH games in development one could be Re:Coded but what about the other two, KH-III though it is highly unlikely that they will announce it.

Human Revolution is looking good at least judging from the trailers it would be interesting to see if Eidos is really able to implement some elements that they had shown in the trailers. Thief has always been one of my favorite game, the original game brought me into the world of stealth, Thief 4 is in development along with the next Hitman we could expect some word on that.

Chrono Break??
I really wish someone asks SE about a new Chrono title, Shinji Hashinoto said that people should buy more if they want a sequel, my simple reply is how many times do you expect people to but the same game with no significant changes sure the PSX version had cutscenes but what about the DS version you only included the cutscenes better translation, extra ending and a multiplayer arena that’s it feels more like an expansion pack.

Other Games
I’m also excited about 3rd Birthday which is dubbed as a true Third Person Shooter, I liked the previous two games but lets see how this one turns out, I just don’t want a Resident Evil copy. There’s still a possibility to see the Final Fantasy XII sequel called Fortress and we may also get to hear something about Dragon Quest X for the Wii.


I’m also really excited about Golden Sun DS, the first two games were amazing let’s see what we can expect this time.

Nintendo I think has some really amazing games to show like Zelda Wii, which I think Nintendo should really introduce a new type of gameplay, using the same basic concepts introduces in Ocarina are really getting old it’s high time they do something new and add more weapons at Link’s disposal and I beg Nintendo to put orchestrated soundtrack I mean if Mario can have it on his Princess saving, cake-eating adventure why can’t Link, speaking of Link I really hate silent protagonist at least they should make him talk.

Other M seems promising having simple controls dating back to the NES era excites me a lot considering the action this game provides. Then they also have Pikmin 3 another great franchise.

Mother 3 a title released only in Japan is a game that many fans want to see but was released only in Japan for the GBA, now the 3DS is coming perhaps they could consider Mother 3 for 3DS this time based on the cancelled Earth Bound 64 game.

No new Nintendo system is complete without a Mario game, so what will Nintendo do this time will they make a brand new game or do a remake of Super Mario Sunshine or Luigi’s Mansion because they did a remake of SM64 for the DS. 3DS is rumored to be on par with the 360 and PS3 I find that highly unlikely but I could expect it to be more powerful than the Wii or somewhere near it, with the PSP Sony launched their PSX games for it Nintendo could very well put up a Virtual Console but one which also provides GameBoy games and even GameCube titles.

Xenoblade might get an international release date along with the first public showing of The Last Story. There are all sorts of games which utilize motion sensing controllers but there is not one single RPG which makes full use of it I hope that there is at least one RPG that feels like it was designed for a Motion sensing controller and the experience cannot be emulated on a gamepad.

Sony has a strong lineup, with LBP2, Killzone 3, SOCOM, God of War and others, but could we expect a new Demon’s Soul game or a sequel to The Legend of the Dragoon.  A new PSP is highly unlikely but Sony likes to give surprises or could announce it and show a video presentation. I’m wondering what they’ll do with Move and what launch titles are coming and it should really offer a better experience than the Wii, if it doesn’t then it is essentially a Wii HD. Valkyria Chronicles II looks promising the only thing is will it really be better than its predecessor you also have Phantasy Star Portable 2, but I’ve never been a big fan of the series.

Don’t care too much about Microsoft but still there are the 360 slim rumors and the only games other than Halo: Reach I’m excited about is Fable III and the new Rare game.

Konami has some pretty impressive lineup MGS: Rising featuring cyborg Raiden, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, already sounds exciting with added human drama. What could come as a surprise from Konami would be a new Suikoden, Boktai, Zone of Enders title and the top-secret Hideo Kojima title.

Other Games
Elder Scrolls V rumor was denied but there was a game called Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion but there has been not a single detail on the game Metacritic still shows the game listing hopefully they’ll shed some light on it. I’m not a big fan of FPS games but I like playing them and RAGE sound great we’ll finally get a more information on it. Shinji Mikami is coming to E3 obviously he’ll give more information on Vanquish and the new game being developed by his studio Tango, and since Suda 51 is also coming he and Mikami are working together on a new project. I’m a big fan of KOTOR and Star Wars: The Old Republic is also on the show so a release date is also expected.

Jiro Ishii of Level-5 is also attending the show, maybe he’ll unveil Time Travelers which could be coming for the 3DS and some information on White Knight Chronicles 2 English version and The Another World. Tri-ace was also rumored to be working on multiple projects so that’s something to look out for,

Still E3 is going to be a blast considering there’s a new handheld on the show and all the rumors like another PS3/PSP revision, 360 slim and PSP2, the PSP2 rumor is the only one I think is worth believeing.

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