New Last Story scans and information

Earlier this week, V-Jump revealed the names of the main characters in The Last Story. Similar to Final Fantasy XIII, Last Story got an extensive look in Famitsu. Besides the new information below, provided by Andriasang, we also have 2 new scans showing a blend of cutscenes and (battle) gameplay reminiscent of Lost Odyssey. 4 characters are clearly visible on the field map and in the battle system.

1 2

Famitsu provides a basic background of Elza, who lost his family and continued to live as a mercenary wishing to become a knight someday,  but information about Kanan is pretty scarce. Based of her dress as seen in the game’s logo, she seems to be of high class.

Famitsu also provides the first information on the game’s battle system which was earlier detailed in a blog post by Sakaguchi.

One of the core features of the battle system is the Gathering system, used to force enemies away from allies and on to Elza, the only confirmed character to use this skill. The gathering system also allows party member to use magic without being interrupted by enemies, as they are attracted to Elza and his Gathering skill.

The Gathering skill won’t be available at the start of the game but can be gained after an early mission in a cave on Ruri island. How this power evolves within Elza seems to play a major part in the Last Story’s storyline.

The battle system gives you control over Elza as a party leader and 3 or 4 additional characters controlled by AI. Sakaguchi earlier hinted at a real-time element and while it isn’t confirmed in the scans, battles look pretty real-time to us.

Last Story is due to release this year in Japan on Nintendo Wii consoles. 



Source: Andriasang

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