Final Fantasy XIII Piano Collections revealed


Every Final Fantasy game that had at least 1 bar of notes written down by Nobuo Uematsu got a Final Fantasy (x) Piano Collection album featuring vividly arranged piano renditions of great themes. Piano players like me love these releases even more because the soundtrack is accompanied by a separate sheet music book featuring all of these often difficult to play pieces.

Fans were pleased to hear that music from Final Fantasy XIII will be performed at an upcoming Distant Worlds concert (despite not being composed by Uematsu) and today people will be pleased to hear that a Piano Collections album for FFXIII will be released soon.

Square Enix hasn’t officially confirmed the existence of a FFXIII Piano Collections album however VG Music Database has added this album to their massive archive. Their information is fairly detailed and reveals that the album will be released on the 21st of July this summer for a mere 2800 JPY. It will be arranged by FFXIII composer, Masashi Hamauzu, himself and performed by Aki Kuroda, known for her contributions to the FFX Piano Collections (also arranged by Masashi Hamauzu and performed by Aki Kuroda).

Square Enix seems to release a whole arsenal of FFXIII related soundtracks (and we certainly don’t mind!). They even have a Japanese portal for all of their 4 FFXIII soundtracks so it isn’t unthinkable that the Piano Collections album will be announced there rather sooner than later. (in fact, the site hints already to the announcement if you take a look at the spinning wheel!)

Masashi Hamauzu certainly isn’t the only composer that released a Piano Collections album without anything being credited to Uematsu, Yoko Shimomura released one for Kingdom Hearts too.

Which tracks would you like to see on the Piano Collections album?

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