Two more Final Fantasy XIII soundtracks to please your ears


Today Square Enix releases an additional FFXIII soundtrack with songs that never made the cut in the Japanese version of the game. Ranging from songs used in trailers to alternative battle themes, Final Fantasy XIII OST PLUS has it all!

While this boxed version of this soundtrack goes on sale in Japan today, you can download the digital version directly from iTunes. (There are more things to download, FFIX from EU PSN for example!)

Besides the highly exclusive vinyl soundtrack released earlier this year, Japanese audiophiles (or die-hard FFXIII fans) will be able to get a second OST on vinyl. This item, entitled as W/F: Music from FINAL FANTASY XIII -Gentle Reveries-, will be released on the 30th of June (after all the E3 buzz we cover is over) for 2800JPY ($30). Available only through the Square Enix’s E-Store, so expect limited supplies! 

If you’re an iTunes user and love FFXIII’s composer Masashi Hamauzu you might also check out some of his other works available on iTunes (including FFX/FFXIII’s OST)


Final Fantasy XIII OST Plus

  1. PV Final Fantasy XIII 2007 JFS
  2. PV Final Fantasy XIII 2006 E3
  3. M1 No.2 title αVersion
  4. M3 No.4 BossA αVersion
  5. M306 OPN2 Unmei he no Hanmei Paramekia Totsunyuu Version
  6. Hope_PfNer3
  7. M42E Sunleth Waterscape Overseas Version
  8. M36A Gapra Whitewood Instrumental
  9. M74_2 PRO Shukumei e no Aragai No Chorus Version
  10. M64E Cocoon de Chocobo English Version
  11. M33 Lightning NW Version
  12. M181 Shugeki2 Prototype
  13. M44B Sazh B+ Prototype
  14. M106 Last Battle Prototype+
  15. M5_2 Senkou Long Version
  16. M42 Sunleth Waterscape Instrumental

W/F: Music from Final Fantasy XIII –Gentle Reveries-

Face A
02: Saber’s Edge
03: Serah’s Theme / Overseas Version
04: Fighting Fate

Face B
01: March of the Dreadnoughts
02: Sulyya Springs
03: The Yaschas Massif
04: Will to Fight


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