Square Enix: Why did you buy FFXIII on PS3/360?

If you’ve seen the sales data, then you know that PS3 copies of Final Fantasy XIII practically doubled 360 copies in units sold. Even worse, thats despite the fact that the 360 has nearly double the install base. Now SE wants to know why.

Using a survey over on Square Enix Members, the company is attempting to find out why you purchased FFXIII on the console you did. The quiz is actually pretty blatant, asking things like whether you prioritezed graphics or amount of discs when making your purchase. Taking it though nets you 30 SE members points. That alone might make it worth your time.

Source: Square Enix survey asks: Final Fantasy XIII on PS3 or 360 (Destructoid)

  1. #1 by Crystal on 19/04/2010 - 03:14

    Isn’t the reason clear enough? FF has always been a playstation exclusive and fans were incredulous when it was announced that FFXIII will be available for 360 as well. Some fans just can’t accept things like that. I’m not going to even answer the survey, the company should know this well enough. Shame if they don’t. :p

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