FFXIII on PS3 ‘Nearly Doubles’ Xbox 360 sales


When Final Fantasy XII released in 2006 (US), 896,000 copies were sold in the first month. If FFXIII stayed PS3 exclusive it would see similar figures however, thanks to the Xbox 360 port, the game managed to sell an endearing 1.3 million copies.

Nevertheless, as many expected, the franchise is often  associated with PlayStation and it once again has been proven.

Final Fantasy XIII sold 828,200 copies on PS3 and 494,300 copies on Xbox 360.

To make things easier:

Total: 1322500 = 100% 

PS3: 828200 = 62,6%  || Xbox 360: 494300 = 37,4%

These figures are for US only. Nothing is known about the European sales. I’ve noticed how even after one month the game can be found between the “must-haves” or “Top 5” games here, so the sales can only get better!

p.s: Square Enix seems to have found another way of teasing a game instead of an endless pool of countdown clocks.  While it might not be FNC related, Sonia Im posted an interesting message on Twitter:

Oh and working on stuff for an unannounced game. Think people are going to be shocked and stoked 🙂 #you’llneverguesswhatitis

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