The Last Story: Of Chaos and Order

This week The Last Story development blog give us hints about gameplay with a little help from the games story board. The basic theme of the gameplay seems to be creating chaos out of order, be it on the part of the player or the enemy.

In battle, players can keep track of an enemys current target using a line called a “Pointer”. The director pegs this as the titles most special feature. The pointer works in tandem with a skill of the main character called “Gathering”. Gathering allows the player to pull an enemys attention to them and away from allies.

Putting these skills together players will have to form strategies for taking out their foes.

While none of this set in stone, its all still very intriguing. It seems reminiscent of Final Fantasy XII somehow, and suggests that The Last Story is going to be a very tactical game indeed. Stick with us for all the info as it hits!

Source: The Last Story Blog Offers Gameplay Hints (andriasang)

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