How does FFXIII stack up to its predecessors?

Final Fantasy XIII seems to be one of the most polarizing titles the series has ever had. Some love it (like our staff, for instace) some hate it. Like a new born child FFXIII is still young however. It will be at least a year (or two) until anyone really knows where it is in their hearts and minds Lightning and co.’s adventures reside. Hindsight can be very effecting when it hits. Still, one has two wonder where FFXIII stands with the critics, here and now.

Below is a list of Metacrtitic scores for all  modern (comparable) console releases in the FF series:

Lets analyze shall we? The PSone era FF’s have impressively high scores, however this is somewhat counterbalanced in comparison to the later titles do to the fact that the PSone titles have relatively few reviews (20-24). Final Fantasy X and X-2‘s scores are balanced out by the difference in there reviews. Final Fantasy XII rises above however; it maintains FFX’s score despite garnering around ten more reviews. Final Fantasy XIII (on both consoles) also seems about the same quality as Motomu Toriyama’s previous directorial debut, Final Fantasy X-2. In short the difference in number of reviews shows that critics generally think the same thing about FFXIII as they have past titles (at least the PlayStation titles). What about you though? Where does Final Fantasy XIII rank for you?

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