Final Fantasy IX is coming soon to PSN

Final Fantasy XIII is all fine and dandy, but they say you don’t really know where your going untill you know where you’ve been.

With the previous releases of both Final Fantasy VII and VIII on the PlayStation Network, it has always been assumed that FFIX would follow suit. Released as the last main series FF on the original PlayStation, the title was in its own right the last of a dying breed. While not the most popular entry in the series the game was a critical darling upon its release and has a fierce cult following. One of the most loyal not only for the FF series, but the gaming community as a whole.

Finally, after a long winded series of Twitter updates, Square-Enix has finally confirmed Final Fantasy IX’s forthcoming PSN release. While no concrete deatails have been revealed yet, the release can’t be far off. Now all you have to do is finish FFXIII.

Source: Strong Hints for Final Fantasy IX PSN Release (andriasang)

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