The Last Story: official column and artwork


Mistwalker today launched a column on the official website for the Last Story. The column reveals the first information about the story and also shows the first pieces of stunning artwork. You can view them here and thanks to the RPGSite we have a nice summary of the Japanese column:

The special sub-site is all in Japanese, but it tells gamers for the first time about Luli Island, the setting for the game. It all sounds a bit Final Fantasy VI, with the ruler of Ruri Island seeking to utilize the power of dangerous magic to secure the nation’s prosperity.

In addition, the site mentions that Sakaguchi is making an effort to keep sci-fi out of The Last Story, noting that on Ruri Island metal resources are hard to come by – so you’re not likely to see many hulking great mechs or gigantic neon and metal airships – most likely the more traditional ones. Sounds good to us after playing the sci-fi filled Final Fantasy XIII.

Sakaguchi created highly acclaimed RPG’s like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon for Xbox 360 and if we can believe Sakaguchi, The Last Story will be another masterpiece when it launches in Japan later this year exclusively on Nintendo Wii.

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