Final Fantasy XIII


After 5 long years, North America and Europe finally got their hands on Final Fantasy XIII yesterday. Millions of people worldwide now get their hands on one of the most anticipated RPG’s of all time. A true gem in RPG history. We really hope you’ll enjoy this wonderful game that once again proves the RPG/Final Fantasy genre still lives.

While some reviewers weren’t too positive about it, many people seem to like the game based on what we read on forums and Twitter. Square Enix expected a huge demand and delivered 3 million copies to Western markets and the huge launch event seems to confirm this.

Over the coming weeks, other articles about Final Fantasy XIII will be posted but for now I can only wish you a great experience and a big thank you for all the support, nice comments and daily visits.

We will continue to bring you the latest news on the other Fabula Nova Crystallis games and The Last Story. Now it’s time to leave this site, fire up your PS3/360 and start playing FFXIII!

The 13th Crystal

  1. #1 by javere on 11/03/2010 - 14:14

    This game is awesome!!!!!!!

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