Toriyama: Maybe FFXIII inspired Avatar

Responding to a question about the setting of Final Fantasy XIII, director Motomu Toriyama mentioned that the James Cameron-directed Avatar (you know, the worlds highest grossing film) may have been inspired by the game.

“The in-game universe this time around is quite fantasy based, but also futuristic at the same time,” Toriyama told website Tech Digest in a recent interview. “We never really had any particular reference points for Final Fantasy XIII, in terms of places where we drew inspiration from. That said, we’re a little suspicious that the world famous Avatar movie might have take inspiration from us!”

Its presumed Toriyama was merely joking, as FFXIII was announced in 2006 whilst Avatar began development in the 1990’s. Unfortunately, since not every one on the internet is as mature as they should be, this statement has been met with some controversy.

Many are growing wary of the often hair brained statements made by FF producer Yoshinori Kitase lately. A joke from Toriyama might all come down to bad timing.

Source: AnimeVice

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