FFXIII’s Battle Planner: A man on a mission

The Final Fantasy XIII official site has updated with a message from the games Battle Planner, Daisuke Inoue, concerning the nature of the games bonus missions on Gran Pulse:


Comments regarding the missions:

For this instalment of the series, I stuck to the following rules when assigning the mission monsters their capabilities:

1.  They should never force the player characters to equip any specific accessories.

2.  They should never require the player to use TP abilities to defeat them.

3.  They should never require the player to use healing items to defeat them.

4.  They should never require the player to use shrouds to defeat them.

In short, I made it so that you should be able to defeat any of the mission monsters in FFXIII without equipping specific accessories or using any TP abilities, items or shrouds. Moreover, it is theoretically possible to earn a five star ranking in the battle results, even in the absence of any of those aids. Once players have become confident in their abilities with the battle system, I recommend that they try completing the missions unaided for a real test of skill!

n case this makes the game sound too easy, I can assure you that the mission monsters were designed first and foremost to present players with a real challenge. So much so, in fact, that our producer Mr Kitase even came to us complaining that he could not beat some of them and had no idea what to do, despite fighting with none of the handicaps mentioned above. I sincerely hope that you will have fun pitting your wits against these truly formidable opponents.

It’s good to see that Square-Enix has opted for a free form style to these missions. SE has already promised that the large amount of missions, the ability to replay them, and the challenge involved should give players a sense of infinite playability when it comes to FFXIII. If Inoue’s claims turn out to be true, fans will no undoubtedly spend months sharing each others mission strategies long after FFXIII’s final release.

Source: Final Fantasy XIII Official Site (Square-Enix)

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