FFXIII composer sends a message

We already told you about Final Fantasy XIII’s excellent soundtrack. We also reported on its composers unfortunate departure from Square-Enix. Now the maestro himself, Masashi Hamauzu, has sent fans a message via the official FFXIII webpage.


I have dreamt about producing the music for Final Fantasy since I was very young, so when I finally received the offer to do so, I was overjoyed – and more than a little daunted by the challenge of living up to the series’ lofty reputation. Thankfully, my anxiety disappeared soon after work on the project had begun. Thanks to the truly inspirational game world and the surpassing quality of the gameplay, I was able to approach the music with hunger, motivation, and just the right amount of tension right up until the very end of development.

This latest instalment of Final Fantasy offers a huge variety of musical genres and sounds, all of which are wholly in-keeping with the game’s unified visual style, and tailored to the unique emotions of each scene.

I have great confidence that you will enjoy what we have created.

While Hamauzu has still not issued an official statement on his departure, it should comfort fans to know that the composer’s work for the game comes from a trait that we all share: He loves Final Fantasy.

Well the love doesn’t end here folks! Stick with The 13th Crystal for all your FNC needs!

Source: News – A message from Masashi Hamauzu (Square-Enix)

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