Rumor: FF Agito XIII makes a transfer

Looks like Final Fantasy Agito XIII may be making a transfer from the Univerity of PSP to the Academy of iPhone. The reason for the change is apparently the poor performance of the PlayStation Portable in the western market. This would be a valid reason. While the PSP has flourished in its home country of Japan (thanks to the success of series like Monster Hunter), the portable has become increasingly less popular in North America and Europe. Last years release of the PSPgo didn’t help the current sales slump either. Panned by critics, customers, and even retailers themselves, the sytem has been all but scrapped completely. Rumors are already floating around about the next iteration in Sony’s portable line. Despite this however our source makes clear a PSP version is still in the cards.

On the flip side, the iPhone/iPod Touch has been performing brilliantly (as par the course for manufacturer Apple). Things have only gotten better with the recent reveal of the Apple iPad Notepad which is compatible with all iPhone/iPod applications. Not only would a release on these platforms benefit SE, such a major release would bring Apple that much closer to competing with Sony (and moreso Nintendo) for the handheld gaming crown.

Unfortunately as this is just a rumor, it doesn’t actually give us much to really go on. For instance, hom much would Agito cost now? The PSP version is still in production. The average game for that system costs $39.99 USD (both at reatail and as digital download), while the most expensive iPhone game I’ve ever seen could only have been about $10 USD. Ah well.

Final Fantasy Agito XIII was announced for mobile phones at E3 2006. In 2008, it was announced that the project had switched platforms to PSP, at which point the mobile version was canceled. The games plot is said to revolve around a group of students attending the Peristerium School of Magic in the world of Orience. The title also utilizes the Crystal Mythology, as all Fabula Nova Crystalis series titles do.

Source: PSP not the final stop for FInal Fantasy Agito XIII (Pocket Gamer)

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