Gran Pulse Groove: Pre-order the FFXIII OST now

Final Fantasy XIII‘s sound track has been, quite possibly, the most overwhelmingly well received aspect of the game in general. Hailed by critics and fans alike as one of (if not the) best scores in the series, the OST has been a popular purchase for importers.

In a rare (and unexpected) move Square-Enix is selling the full set of music through their online merchandise shop. There not imported copies either. The discs all feature english labeling and new artwork.

Unfortunately the compilations composer Masashi Hamauzu made his departure from Square-Enix this year. Hamauzu began working at SE in 1996. Upon the departure of Nobuo Uematsu in 2004, he became the new head composer. Hamauzu composed tracks for not only FFXIII but Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus and many other titles outside the series as well.

The Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack is available for pre-order through the Square-Enix Online Store now. An exact release date is not available at this time.

Source: Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack (Square-Enix Online Store)

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