See L’Cie in HD: Final Fantasy XIII comparison shots hit the web

Much has been made of how the two versions of Final Fantasy XIII will look in comparison to one another ever since the Xbox 360 port was announced back at E3 2008. Despite repeated repots on proffesional gaming sites saying that the two versions are nearly identical (at lest to the naked eye anyway), many have seemingly made it a goal to prove the version of the console opposite theit own inferior.

While we at could care less about how the graphics of either version compare to the other, many of our readers (that being you) are quite frankly obseesed with this issue. Regardless of our feelings we have a duty to provide you with the content you so desire.

Bring on the comparisons!!

Our first test is brought to you via Sankaku Complex. We’ll be using the lovely Lebreau as a model.

Ah. What about Team NORA as a group? These next shots hail from Siliconera.



We’d like remind all (again) that its whats inside that counts.

  1. #1 by Matt on 22/02/2010 - 02:23

    Ps3 tbf looks slightlybetterbut isuppose it doesnt help that they had tp squash it all onto a tiny disc for xbox whereas they had alot more room to play about with for ps3

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