Message from Motomu Toriyama

The European website is updated with a message from Final Fantasy XIII’s director Motomu Toriyama. He writes about the negative reactions from reviewers regarding the linearity of FFXIII.

He writes that the first part of the game takes place in Cocoon and is linear to emphasis the story and drama of Final Fantasy XIII while the second part of the game is an open world with  many things to do

The linear gameplay didn’t really bother me as you may have read in my review. The linearity is the same as Final Fantasy X so people will most likely love both the linear and non-linear gameplay.

Earlier he said this in an interview, but now it’s up on the official site translated in 5 languages.

Edit: Furthermore the North American site has a new “Developers” section with this message so expect more messages in the future!


  1. #1 by mikehinton on 19/02/2010 - 22:31

    While I’m sure I’ll love every minute of the game, my main concern isn’t with linearity. I’m concerned that the world will appear somewhat void of things to do. It seems like you can run through the game (where it’s almost impossible to miss something if you simply try not to) or you can explore Pulse and do missions (which are each simply finding and fighting a tough monster). When I play through a Final Fantasy the first time I like to have the feeling that there’s just so much to do and I missed a whole bunch that I will have to go back and play a second time with a guide to experience everything. I’m afraid there will be precious little to experience in the game (beyond the amazing surface) and that the only incentive to play though again will be to see parts again that you can’t backtrack through. I doubt there will be very much difference in a second play through. The second play-through was fulfilling in the past and it is something I’ve grown to love about FF. I hope it’s just as worthwhile this time around.

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