Leona Lewis enjoys FFXIII on PS3 too! (allegedly)

Over this past weeken, Square-Enix released a clip of British pop-singer playing Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360. They have since (very quitely in fact) released a very similar clip with one difference: Leona is holding a PS3 controller.

It’s important to note, while Leona is holding a PS3 controller, the footage shown is exactly the same as the Xbox 360 version of this clip, except for the appropriate HUD during the battle shot.

The consoles themselves (somewhat mysteriously) make no appearance in the video. Strange, seeing as how Microsoft is preparing not one, but two console bundles with the game in Europe. You would think they’d want to make sure people know exactly what to look for.  Square could have just handed her a controller and played captured videos on the screen. The fact that the controllers for both systems are wireless would only work in SE’s favor here.

So, real? or more fake than LeBlanc dressed as Yuna? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Leona Lewis plays FFXIII on PS3 (YouTube)

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