Launch event for FFXIII in London and Paris


While no source has been provided, FF World writes that Square Enix confirmed that there will be a French launch event for Final Fantasy XIII in Paris (Champ Elysees, at the FNAC store) on March 8. It will be a huge show accompanied by FFXIII’s producer (Yoshinori Kitase) and art director (Isamu Kamikokuryo). It was earlier confirmed that FFXIII’s director (Motomu Toriyama) will be at the North American launch event.

There will be musical performance by “Les Muses” and many other performances by fire eaters and ice sculptors (Take that with a grain of salt). Furthermore Square Enix promises various gifts and other surprises to fans. Alongside with the game, Square Enix will also sell FFXIII’s play-arts, soundtrack and the official guidebook as well when the clock strikes 10pm (GMT+1)

The day after this French event, FFXIII’s producer and director will be in Londen for an English event at HMV (150 Oxford Street, London, W1D1DJ). Besides a Q&A with Kitase and Kamikokuryo, there will be a photo call for those who cosplay one of FFXIII’s character. The first 50 dress-ups will win a FFXIII soundtrack and the other people will also get a chance to win some goodies. 

Source: FF World and Spong


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