Final Fantasy XIII figures at Toy Fair ’10

Square-Enix brought there Play Arts line to the 2010 Toy Fair in New York.  While Play Arts produces quality figures from many seriws (many not even owned by SE) the highlight of the booth was of course the Play Arts Kai collection of Final Fantasy XIII figures.

These are the same figures SE revealed quite awhile ago. Volume 1 includes Lightning, Snow, and Vanille. Volume 2 consists of Sazh, Fang, and Hope. Of note though is a prototype Serah figure.

This figure doesn’t seem to be posable like the others. It’s important to note however, neither was the Lightning figure when it was first shown off in 2006.

Fret not. Unlike her sister, Serah’s figure shouldn’t be too late to the party.

Source: Square Enix booth at Toy Fair 2010 (Pule Figures)

Source: Final Fantasy figures from Comic-Con (Final Fantasy Insider)

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