Square Enix announces 2 European FFXIII bundles


Yesterday, Square Enix announced a special FFXIII Xbox 360 bundle for North America at Microsoft’s X10 event while today two variants of this bundle were announced for Europe.

The first bundle is a regular Xbox Elite bundle with a 120GB hard drive and a copy of FFXIII while the second bundle is very similar to the North American one:

The second bundle, dubbed as the “Special Edition Bundle” contains a 250GB hard drive engraved with “FINAL FANTASY XIII”, 2 wireless controllers, a copy of FFXIII, a FFXIII faceplate and finally 3 exclusive avatar items (1x Yaag Rosch outfit, 1x Jihl Nabaat outfit, 1x the Chocobo avatar pet, kweek!)

You can read the announcement/press release on the European FFXIII website

Square Enix also released some Xbox 360 screenshots for your viewing pleasure:

final_fantasy_13_37final_fantasy_13_36   xboxfinal_fantasy_13_38


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