The Australian FFXIII Sweepstakes! Win… a motorbike?

Whilst X10 is going on in San Francisco, FFXIII is anticipated throughout the world (okay, not in Japan). That means theres news to be had! What interesting news it is…

As the Australian publisher for Final Fantasy XIII, not only is Ubisoft releasing the game on the same day as Square-Enix is in North America and Europe, they also have a sweepstakes of their own as well.

By proving there the biggest FF fans, Australian gamers have a chance to win a Yamaha Motorbike!

The contest is a partnership between Ubisoft and the Australian branch of EB Games. Its not exactly Fenrir or the Shiva sisters, but I’m sure the winner will be happy enough.

Final Fantasy XIII is releasing on March 9th in North America and Europe (where it is being published by Square-Enix) and on the same day in Australia where it will be published by Ubisoft.  A Final Fantasy Special Edition Xbox 360 bundle will be available in all three of the aforementioned territories at launch.

Source: FFXIII Australian Sweepstakes (Kotaku)

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