This is Ronald Taylor, reporting in!

Hello there! My name is Ronald. I’m 17 and the newest addition to I’ll be posting news and maybe a few columns for the rest of my stay at the site.

Now that you know my purpose, your probably wondering who I really am. The answer to that question is simple yet very deep. Like you, I”m a major fan of Final Fantasy. Like any fan of the series knows however, tastes can be very different from fan to fan.  For instance, I love Tidus, you may hate him. I hate Final Fantasy XII, you might be absolutely enamored by it. You could hale FFVII as a classic. I commonly think the game is OK.

Right off the bat you know I’m not your average fanboy. The truth is that I’m actually a bit of what you might call an anti-fanboy. Final Fantasy is my favorite series; that much is true. Just because its my favorite doesn’t mean it gets away with everything it does wrong. Im adamant about we, as fans, being vocal about the things that we feel Square sometimes doesnt get quite right. Its the only way we can really help the series continue flourish. Now, Im not the most active in the forum scene, but when I do post threads, I try to make sure there at least a little insightful, always honest.

Now that you know what type of fan I am, you should know what games in the series Ive played exactly. Ive played FFVII, X, X-2, and XII. My favorite is Final Fantasy X. Its not a lot, but I assure you I’m competent in my knowledge of the series as a whole. Know one ever knows everything , right? The rest Ill pick up along the way.

There’s more to me as a person, but I’ll fill you in during the coming month’s. There’s news to cover for crying out loud!

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  1. #1 by felix on 12/02/2010 - 04:59

    wellcome O.o i have this page as main page. I trust in you and nick XD

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