24 new English FFXIII screenshots

Videogamer.com was able to play the English version of Final Fantasy XIII and today they published their impressions and Q&A alongside with many new English screenshots. They show various locations ranging from things we’ve seen at E3’06 to parts much later in the game. The images are fairly small, but other sites will most-likely upload them in stunning HD later today.

final_fantasy_13_39 final_fantasy_13_40 final_fantasy_13_41 final_fantasy_13_42 final_fantasy_13_43 final_fantasy_13_44 final_fantasy_13_45 final_fantasy_13_46 final_fantasy_13_47 final_fantasy_13_48 final_fantasy_13_50 final_fantasy_13_51 final_fantasy_13_52 final_fantasy_13_53 final_fantasy_13_54 final_fantasy_13_55 final_fantasy_13_56 final_fantasy_13_57 final_fantasy_13_58 final_fantasy_13_59 final_fantasy_13_60 final_fantasy_13_61 final_fantasy_13_62 final_fantasy_13_63

March 9th is the magical day for millions of Final Fantasy fans around the world. It’s less than a month away (unbelievable isn’t it?) and we’ll keep you updated on the latest FFXIII news before and after the release.

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