FFXIII Xbox bundle leaked early?

Microsoft accidentally revealed an Xbox 360 bundle for FFXIII on Expertzone, a site designed for those who work in retail with various Microsoft products. A NeoGAF user was able to get a large image of the bundle which includes:

– LE 250GB Black Xbox 360
– 2 black controllers
– AV Cable
– Headset
– Network cable
– Copy of FF XIII



There’s still some doubt if this is fake or not because the description says the bundle includes a black console and 2 black controllers while the image clearly shows a regular white Xbox. Furthermore the “Only On Xbox 360” logo is visible on FFXIII’s box art while it isn’t an exclusive Xbox title. We’ll most likely hear more about it tomorrow at the Microsoft X10 event


I also want to show you an interesting (but obvious) tweet, send to me earlier today from SquareEnixSonia:

@13thCrystal Thanks and to your earlier q…Maybe EU will get some #FFXIII dev love too 😉

And also:

@jeffrubenstein Thanks for coming out! I think the #FFXIII stuff you guys filmed is gonna be great on #PSblog. Can’t wait to see it 🙂

Was nervous about givin opening speech @ din (thx 4 no heads up Ofuji-san!)Kitase-san gracefully gave closing speech. That’s a wrap! #FFXIII

Epic crab din w/ #FFXIII team.Tour was lots o work but so many laffs too. Sad they’re leaving.But Toriyama-san& Abe-san wil be bak soon:)

Guess I should look forward to next trip to JP. Toriyama-san promised to take me on a #ramen tour. Woohoo! #FFXIII

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