Back of FFXIII’s Box Art leaks, DLC confirmed

Gamestop has leaked the back of the Xbox 360 box art for Final Fantasy XIII. Unsurprisingly it confirms that DLC is coming to the Xbox 360 version. It also confirms that the Xbox 360 version will support 1080p.

xbox version with DLC

Source: GameStop (There’s no back of the PS3 version yet.)

Next month you’ll be playing Final Fantasy XIII so make sure to check out my review for this game, and follow me  on Twitter or become a fan on The 13th Crystal’s Facebook page to get the latest updates and tips about the Western version!

  1. #1 by Jack on 07/02/2010 - 19:27

    If it’s coming to Xbox 360, it’s coming to PS3. Either way, the back of ANY PS3 box doesn’t mention whether or not it has downloadable content.

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