Information about Regular and Collector’s Edition guides for FFXIII in Europe

packshotregular      packshot

Regular Edition                         Collector’s Edition

The existence of a FFXIII guide by Piggyback was already known for some time, but today the first details about the Collector’s Edition guide surfaced on the French Eidos site. I translated the contents and information below.

Piggyback made guides for past Square Enix games like Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XII, and they were always very comprehensive and detailed.

The regular edition includes:

  • Quests, minigames, trophies, all secrets are revealed
  • A detailed walkthrough to achieve a perfect game.
  • Analys of the gameplay mechanics (menu, battle,…)
  • Complete list of enemies, weapons, accessories, skills, materials and other objects in the game
  • Detailed maps, high resolution images and exclusive images.

This guide will be available in France (and most likely other European countries) the day FFXIII releases for €19.99

The limited edition will also include an additional 16 pages, high quality paper and a beautiful hardcover. However this guide will be released on March 19th, 2 weeks after FFXIII’s release. It will be priced at €25.99

Piggyback will release a sample of 12 pages for this guide later this month. I’ll let you know when that happens

Source: Eidosshop Regular FFXIII guideEidosshop Collector’s FFXIII guide

Thanks FF World for the heads up!

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